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Will mounting costs of reconciliation benefit Indigenous people?

Publication: Globe and Mail - 06 novembre 2018
Lien: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-will-mounting-costs-of-reconciliation-benefit-indigenous-people/

During the 2015 federal election campaign, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau proposed a “Reconciliation Framework” for dealing with Indigenous issues. After becoming prime minister, he re-emphasized that “no relationship is more important to our government and to Canada than the one with Indigenous peoples.” Noble sentiments, to be sure, but taxpayers are entitled to know more. How much will it cost, and will it achieve an essential objective – raising the standard of living of First Nations? ...

...Then there are the compensatory payments to individuals for historic injustices. The total for residential schools payments initiated by the previous government will come close to $6-billion when all claims are settled and administrative costs are counted.

07 novembre 2018

Settling First Nation grievances could cost Ottawa almost $6 billion over next five years

Publication: Canada Free Press - 06 novembre 2018
Lien: http://canadafreepress.com/article/settling-first-nation-grievances-could-cost-ottawa-almost-6-billion-over-ne

Ottawa’s plans to reconcile with Indigenous people include major financial costs, and Canadians should be aware of those costs,” said Tom Flanagan, Fraser Institute senior fellow, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Calgary and co-author of The Costs of the Canadian Government’s Reconciliation Framework for First Nations.

The study estimates how much the federal government must pay to settle ongoing litigation including the Newfoundland and Labrador Residential Schools settlement, the Sixties Scoop settlement, the class-action lawsuit against “Indian hospitals,” settling Metis land claims, and Bill S-3, which could substantially expand the Indian registry.

07 novembre 2018

A very painful artifact: Strap used at residential school moves from family home to archives

Publication: APTN News - 01 novembre 2018
Lien: http://aptnnews.ca/2018/11/01/a-very-painful-artifact-strap-used-at-residential-school-moves-from-family-home-to-archives/

When the St. Margaret’s Indian Residential School on Couchiching Reserve, Ont., was being torn down during the mid-70s, Rudy Bruyere, a former St. Margaret’s student was rummaging through a former groundskeeper’s house.

What he found that day was something he would never forget, said Curtis Bruyere, the eldest son of Bruyere.

(A handmade strap once used to punish Indigenous children at St. Margaret’s Indian Residential School in Couchiching First Nation, Ont. Photo: Martha Troian/APTN)

Inside a wall were two straps used at St. Margaret’s to punish young Indigenous children....

...The many examples of abuse are well documented. Thousands of former students have been compensated for sexual or serious physical abuse under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.

05 novembre 2018

Court action launched against Sixties Scoop settlement agreement lawyer fees

Publication: CBC News - 31 octobre 2018
Lien: http://www.cbc.ca/news/indigenous/sixties-scoop-lawyers-fees-court-challenge-1.4885202

A dozen Sixties Scoop survivors filed court action this month aimed at challenging the $37.5 million in fees awarded to three law firms involved in the Sixties Scoop settlement agreement.

The group has applied to the Federal Court of Appeal in Vancouver seeking to challenge a Federal Court order that approved lawyers' fees of $37.5 million to be split between Koskie Minsky, Merchant Law Group and Klein Lawyers.

They're arguing the change effectively amended the $875 million settlement agreement, something that should have triggered a notice to class members along with a new hearing and round of submissions.

01 novembre 2018