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Some Mikmaw residential school survivors say settlement wasn't worth the painful process

Publication: CBC News - Dec  11, 2018

Mi'kmaw residential school survivors told a feedback gathering session last week that the results of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement process were often not worth recounting the painful memories of their time at the schools.

The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) held the feedback gathering session at Eskasoni First Nation last Thursday.  

"People don't realize just how much of the trauma from residential school still lingers," said Alan Knockwood of Sipekne'katik First Nation. 

"When you dredge it up and have to repeat and repeat it through that process, it becomes alive again. That's very difficult to go through." 

Dec  11, 2018

I think it's only fair: Sask. day school survivor hopes federal settlement will help others heal

Publication: CBC News - Dec  07, 2018

It's been 50 years since Kurt Adams attended what was then known as an Indian day school, but he remembers some of his experiences like they were yesterday.

"They were there to teach us about the Bible and about God and stuff, and I remember thinking, 'How can there be a God and let this happen to us?'" he said.

"It's hard to forget.… It's a memory that's never going to go away."

He hopes an agreement in principle announced this week for those forced to attend the schools will help other survivors to heal.

Dec  10, 2018

Quebec residential school survivors say communication around settlement could have been better

Publication: CBC News - Dec  04, 2018

What lessons were learned from the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement?

For George E. Pachano, a Cree residential school survivor from Chisasibi, Que., the communication with former students could have been better.

"The information was available initially, but once they started doing applications, I think people were confused," said Pachano. 

"'What should I do?' 'Should I do this?' They weren't ready."

Dec  05, 2018