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October 30, 2012

The withdrawal of Claimant Counsel in IAP matters has significant implications for claimants, the parties and the Secretariat. Given that Counsel and / or Counsel’s office has usually had the only direct contact with claimants, they can be expected to have the most up-to date information as to the whereabouts of the claimant and how to contact the claimant. The Secretariat potentially faces considerable challenges on how to contact claimants and cannot advertise in the media in order to contact individual claimants.

For these reasons, in all matters where counsel intends to withdraw, counsel shall serve on the claimant, either personally or by registered mail, and provide to the Secretariat, a Notice of Withdrawal of lawyer, in the form attached. This step is not necessary where new counsel has gone on record with the Secretariat and previous counsel as representing the claimant from that point forward. Where the Secretariat deems that the Notice is not sufficiently responsive, counsel shall be advised accordingly, and the Notice shall not take effect until the Secretariat determines that responsive information has been provided.

(Approved by IAPOC Octobre 30, 2012)